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Editing, editing, editing…

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Emily’s Hopes & Dreams – Art Gallery

Please head over to Emily’s Hopes & Dreams-Art Gallery!! She is one beautiful young lady, that deserves the best! She puts her efforts into all that she does!! You are a success in my book! Congratulations on this new adventure!

Lessons from my daughter

Emily is ready to show some of her art to the world!

So in order to help, I’ve looked at opening an Etsy shop for her which looked like a great idea but sounded like a lot of learning for me.

A friend suggested to create a Facebook page only and see how the world would react.

Well, this was 48 hours or so ago.

Saturday night we opened Emily’s Art Gallery – Emily’s Hopes and Dreams.

This morning, I am exhausted but Emily is beyond proud and excited.

Since going live…

We’ve posted 18 hand painted vases and some of her paintings

We’ve sold/received orders for close to 30 vases and Emily has been commissioned 2 painting.

Some of the orders are local some will ship Internationally. I foresee a lot of driving to the UPS store in my future.

We’ve delivered her first order.

Emily painted and signed…

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Your Clair, What?


Clairsentience (2)

Continuing with Clairsentience

The word clair is french for “clear” & sentience is from the Latin Word sentire”to feel.”

Clairsentience, what is it?

clairsentience (1)

It is a feeling, a clear sensation, to perceive information within the body. A feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time, a vibration or vine of something is good or bad.

As an example:

I was with a friend who had a meeting with someone they never met. The person came into the room & immediately the I had hair on my arms standing & a chill going through me, I felt that this person could not be trusted. They had their meeting & I sat & listened. After the meeting, I told my friend that this person is not trustworthy nor was he on the up & up.

My friend had a couple more meetings with him & soon realized that what I said was complete truth.


I don’t like the saying”Don’t judge a book by its cover” because at times it turns out to be wrong. There could be a jewel underneath the exterior of what you see & don’t give that person a chance to prove themselves.

Oftentimes, we are using clairsentience & don’t even know we are using it. Is it judging or clairsentience? I can’t answer for anyone else, but I can answer for me. I have judge people by their personality, by their actions or even by their words. It is common nature for people to have an opinion of others. Did I judge that person? No, it was a vibe I picked up on. For me, most times it is the vibration I pick up on.

Judging is not a feeling, it is a personal opinion about someone or something.

There are 2 more types of individuals that have similar qualities like clairsentience.

The first one is an Empath- a person who has very strong feelings or emotions connected to another person. It is not the everyday feelings we have for a friend or family member. They are people that feel so intensely sensitive to others emotions, pain & energies that they experience these emotions as their own.

Empaths don’t even have to know the person that they feel the emotions for.

Empaths are extremely aware of their surroundings at all times. It is hard for an empath to go into a room filled with other people, they pick up on others emotions & energies. For an empath not to get these feelings, their energies, chakras & auras are balanced, grounded & aligned. If an empath is not balanced, grounded, aligned along with their mind, body & spirit, they will get negative energies from all over. They will feel  zapped, tired & burnt out.

They have to learn how to protect themselves from these occurrences. For them, they use a shield of protection or pyshic shielding.

The second type is Psychometry or Psychometrics, token-object reading.

An American physician & Professor of Physiology, Joseph Rhodes Buchanan in 1840 invented the term Psychometry.

Psychometry derived from the Greek words “psyche” meaning “soul” & “metron” meaning “measure.”

As a reading is done, one or more of the psychic abilities are used-clairvoyance, clairsentience & clairaudience.

A psychic has the ability to gather information about a person by using jewelry, pictures, visions, thoughts & events. The objects hold imprints of sounds, scent, emotions, tastes & images. It is better for the psychic to know if there has been more than one owner, this way they don’t pick up the other person’s vibes.

More & more have the police engaged a psychic into an investigation to assist with a crime involving missing persons, the psychics have been able to describe crime scenes, locate missing persons, experience afterlife communications & sense the feeling of those involved in the crime.

Psychometry can also be used for animals to reveal information about the animal. They use objects just like that of a human, only it is a photo, toys, leashes & collars. They are able to find missing pets & information regarding rescue pets.

There are exercises for each of the types I have described. this is to help enhance their craft.

For Clairsentience:


Meditation, it stimulates the free flowing energy with all of the chakras. As you are meditating, pay close attention to your sacral & heart chakras but even more so with the Third eye as it is the gate or door to your sixth sense-ESP(Extrasensory Perception.)

By using meditation you will get to understand this gift, it will help you to feel the differences between your own feelings(emotions) & the feelings of another person or object. While meditating, do you have feelings of sadness or happy?, Are you getting images or scenarios?, Do you have physical symptoms you have never had or felt?, Have you become more emotional than before you meditated?

Think about these questions, can you answer them yes & be open to the fact that you have some psychic abilities that you weren’t aware of.

As I mention earlier, you probably do have this ability, most people do.

For Empath:

Psychic Protection or Shielding can be used whether you have psychic abilities or not. If you don’t, you too can use psychic protection or shielding, it helps to combat the negative energies that you are holding from another person from either the physical or spiritual realms.

By keeping yourself grounded, your chakras balanced & aligned are a major factor in shielding or protection of an empath.

You may also visualize your body(aura) being surrounded with an imaginary bubble of white light, this is your protection. It will emotionally guard you from the negative energies & feelings that others cast at you.

For added protection, see your auras glowing in a bright blue light, this intensifies the positive emotions of honesty, integrity & love, there will be no room for negative energies.

Along with these, call upon your angels, spirit guides & God for their protection, with all of these you will be empowering yourself & protected from any psychic or negative attacks.

For Psychometry or Psychometrics:

Using an object, you will be trying to discover the past of someone.

Have friend, bring you a piece of jewelry, a ring, key anything that belongs to someone else. Be sure to place the object in a bowl, basket or even on the table to release the body heat or energies it may hold from your friend. After a second or two pick up the object & hold it in your hand. Get the feel of it. What are you feeling?

After a second or two pick up the object & hold it in your hand. Get the feel of it. What are you feeling?

What are you feeling? Are you seeing a vision or image?, Can you get a sense of who this item belongs too?, Do you sense happiness or sadness while holding the object?, Do you feel like the person was lost or missing at some point in their life?, Maybe this person traveled, do you see water, car, plane, bus , boat or ship?

After a bit of time, ask your friend about anything you might have picked up on. Did you receive any information that is correct? Did you surprise yourself with the answer, that was correct?

Another way is with a photo, doing the same thing as before. Focus on the picture, close your eyes, see what comes forth.

Remember with all objects, they hold the energies of the past.

The more you practice, the better you become. Time & patience is the key in all psychic abilities. Keep going forth, time & patience is the key!

Tantric love

Next will be Clairaudience

Till next time,

Blessings, Light & Love



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Do you know who your blog readers are?

Do You Know Who Your Blog Readers Are?

Healing for Herbs Series

Sacral Chakra
Calendula Flowers

                                             Calendula or Calendula officinals

   Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra, known as the I am chakra, this is the 2nd chakra in the 7 main chakras.

Before I go into the Sacral Chakra & Herb, I just want to do a quick review of the chakras & what they do.

The word “chakra” comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel,” translated from the Hindi, it

As I think of a spinning wheel word meaning “wheel,” translated from the Hindi, it means “Wheel of spinning energy.”

As I think of spinning energy, one picture comes to mind, to help you better understand spinning energy.

For me, it is like a tornado spinning, a whirling vortex. Only with the chakras & the energy, it is a continuous spinning. Within our bodies, we have 7 chakras & many minor chakras.

These chakras are continuously spinning & recharging, the way in which they get recharged is through the Cosmic Energy in the atmosphere.

In our homes, we are connected to electric through a utility company & pay for it. As the electric is ran through the house, there is one main wire that everything runs off of & then there are other wires that branch off the main one to feed electric to other areas. It is the same way for the chakras, from the base of your spine to the top of your head is one main terminal with 7 energy centers coming off the main terminal. 

Sometimes, the chakras get blocked from stress, worry, anxiety, emotional & physical problems. As this happens, the main chakras don’t get the flow of energy. They become unbalanced, off-center, not aligned, we then need to make adjustments to move the energy & make it flow freely.  

If you were sick & in pain, you would go to the Doctors, he, in turn, would give you a prescription to help you feel better. That is how it works for the chakras, we have many ways in which we can get the chakras back in balance, aligned & centered

Which brings me to one way of getting these energy centers (chakras) freely flowing. 

                                                                   The Sacral Chakra:

Location: Between the base of the spine & the navel

Color: Orange

The Calendula flower is orange, the color for the sacral chakra.

Association to Physical body:

Lower abdomen, kidneys, bladder, circulatory system & reproduction system


This chakra is emotions

Desire, pleasure, sexuality, procreation & creativity


With blockages in this chakra, they can manifest in this way

Emotional problems, compulsive or obsessive behavior & sexual guilt


                                                    Calendula Herb 

Calendula CARGO


The herb Calendula is easy to grow, it has beautiful bright orange flowers which gives joy & enlightenment. Calendula has about 15-20 different varieties of Calendula. Some are annuals & others are perennial, they belong to the family Asteraceae, often known as Marigolds.

The common name “Marigold” refers to the “Virgin Mary.”

The name Calendula is modern Latin diminutive of Calendae, meaning “little calendar”, “little clock” or possibly “little weather-glass.”

Calendula has been used for culinary & medicinal herbs. The petals are edible & can be used in salads, dried calendula has been used for coloring in cheese & a replacement for saffron.

Romans & Greeks used calendula in rituals & ceremonies, often times making a crown or wreath & wearing it.

Mary’s gold is a nickname which is referring to the “flowers” used in early Catholic events in some countries.

In India, these flowers are sacred & have been used for decoration on the statues of Hindu deities in early times.

Ancient Greek, Romans, Middle Eastern & Indian(Republic of India) used the flowers for medical remedies, it was used as a dye as well. It could be put in clothes, food & cosmetics. Today they are still using the flower in these.


Calendula Cream - Natural

Calendula has been made into an ointment for skin products & used to treat cuts, burns & skin rashes.

Calendula oil is used for medicinal purposes in anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer agent & for healing wounds.


Calendula oil


The herb was traditionally used for cramps & constipation.

Warning: This plant is known to cause allergic reaction & women who are pregnant should not use it.



Calendula & Jasmine Tea
A tea of calendula & Jasmine


The Germans made a soup with the flowers, this was a common ingredient in the soups & stews they made. The soup was nicknamed “pot marigold.”

The petals are used as coloring, for cheese & butter.

Medical Use:

The petals from calendula was also used as a treatment for the digestive system, also for detoxing the liver & gallbladder.

The flower was applied to cuts & wounds to stop bleeding, helps to prevent infection & speeds the healing process.

In World War 1 & The American Civil War, it was used for anti-homaging & as an antiseptic.

Calendula has been historically significant in medicine in many cultures & is still used in homeopathic medicine today.

Using Calendula & other spices & herbs are very beneficial for the mind & body, it aids in balancing & heals this chakra.

Some other herbs & spices that work with sacral chakra:

Cinnamon, carob(organic chocolate), coriander, fennel, licorice, vanilla, sweet paprika, sesame seeds & caraway seeds.

Blessings, Light & Love


Calendula Officinals Garden

The next herb in the Healing for Herbs Series isMarshmallow Root & the 3rd chakra- Solar Plexus


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3 Facebook Changes Authors need to Know

3 Facebook Changes You Need to Know About

Can Twitter Hashtags Grow Your Following?

Allison Maruska

I almost didn’t write on this topic because a couple other bloggers have and have done it well (@EmilyFRussell and @prnancarrow, for example). So what do I have to add?

Twitter_logo_blueI finally went for it because twice in as many days, writer friends have asked me what hashtags to use on Twitter to share stuff. Plus, maybe my take is a little different than Emily’s or Paula’s. Probably is, seeing as we’re, you know, different people.

Before I start listing hashtags, let’s address the question – can they grow a following (blog, twitter, or otherwise)?


Depends on how you work it.

Hashtags are categories. They attach your tweet to the group under that hashtag, so parties interested in that category can see your tweet. No hashtag, and only your followers can see the tweet. 

That’s important – if you have 500 followers, and you tweet…

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First off, I would like to say a very big Thank you to each & every one of you, without any of you I wouldn’t be posting or even on a blog.

I started this blog back in Oct. 2015, With very little info on how to blog, here it is 10 months later & I going strong, with each week there are new followers, Thank you to all of you.

This past week I have noticed a spike first in Tweeter & today, I look at my notifications & see this:


  1. Your blog, Mysticalwriter, appears to be getting more traffic than usual! 29 hourly views – 1 hourly views on average
    A spike in your stats
    So again, Thank you all!!

In case you…


**Photo by Mandy Disher; edited text box added by Natalie but not solely written by her

Source: In case you…

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