Organic Gems: Ammolite


Ammolite or Ammonite

Ammolite’s origin is from the upper half of the disk shape of Ammonite, known as the Cretaceous period(geologic period) of more than 66 million years ago. It is a fossil, from the ancient sea creatures. A prehistoric time, formed from being underground that ran along the Rocky Mountains, today it is known as the Western Interior Seaway.

The Ammonites died off, became buried & became shale(fine-grain sedimentary rock) composed of mud, minerals, clay minerals, included in the minerals, aragonite, quartz & calcite.


The Ammolite can be found in locations from Alberta, Canada to South of Montana, there have been findings of small deposits in central Utah. the best quality of these Ammomites are found along the Eastern slopes of the Rockies in Southern Alberta, along the St. Mary River, between the towns of Macgrath & the city of Lethbridge.

These Ammolites are found in shallow open pits, dug with backhoes. The dirt is then hand screened for potential gemstones. Of all the Ammolites that is found, only about 50% is used to make jewelry.

In 1981, the World Jewelry Confederation gave the Ammolite it’s official gemstone status, this was the same time that they began commercial mining for Ammolite.

In 2007, Ammolite became the official gemstone for the city of Lethbridge, Canada.

Ammolite is also known as aapoak, meaning Kainah for small, crawling stone. Kainah is Kainai Nation, Kainawa or Blood Tribe, which is a First Nation Band Government in Southern Alberta, Canada.


There are many colors you can see on the Ammolite, depending on how it is held, the lightening(chromatic shift), & brightness(iridescence.) The main colors can be red & green to blue or purple, the blue or purple are common colors of Ammolite.


This gemstone or fossil is named for the Egyptian god Ammon, this is because of the shell looking like a rams horn.

Ancient Egyptian & Romans held this gemstone in very high praise & a prized possession for it’s magic & powers.

In Whitby, England it is known as the “Snake Stone”, the locals believed it was attributed to St. Hilda who put a spell on the snakes & behead them, they then curled up & became stone. 

Feng Shui:

For those that use Feng Shui like the Ammonite especially for the exterior of the shell as it brings vitality, harmony, prosperity & well-being to those that live in the same home, as well as those that visited.

In Feng Shui they believe that the Ammolite to have gained the Knowledge of the Universe & anyone that came near this fossil benefited from it do to the knowledge it held.


It can be used for meditation & is used for Qi, Chi & enhance the flow of life energy. Even for those that don’t believe in Feng Shui can benefit from it.


Ammonite or Ammolite is a very protective gemstone.

It aids with stability & releases negative energy. Giving positive Earth energy, bringing good luck & prosperity.

This gemstone gives warmth, life & fire, it is also known for unexpected changes.


Third Eye

To help past life obsessions of letting go of the feelings of fate…. Karma!


It will aid in degenerative problems, help in childbirth & depression.


Blessings, Light & love


Next Organic Gem is Jet

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Sage Part 3



Golden Sage ~ Salvia officinals Icterina

Wit & Wisdom ~ Farmers Almanac

“Anyone who has sage in their garden is said to do well in business.”

This too is a perennial, it is a shrub type Sage, it can be used for culinary, medicinal & outside gardens. Golden Sage’s lifespan is only about two yrs.

The coloring on the leaves is a green with a yellowish edge, in a crinkly look to it. The flowers, when in bloom are a Lavender-Blue. It has a nice smell to the nose, a pungent smell, an aromatic smell.

Golden Sage is a hardy plant, like the Purple Sage, however, in the winter months, it does need protection.

Golden Sage is part of the mint family

Golden Sage is home to the Mediterranean coast.

Sage’s flavor is best when fresh, but it can be stored frozen or dried. To dry, leave the branches in the sun; once dried, remove the leaves and store them in an airtight container.

Golden Sage can be used as a substitute in any recipe that has sage in it. Try using fresh sprigs of golden sage on chicken or turkey.

Berggarten Sage: Salvia officinals Berggarten: Aka Common Sage

Berggarten Sage

It is like the Garden or Common Sage it was produced not to flower & is a cloned sage.

It is a perennial, in the summer it blooms with purple like spikes, the leaves are soft &  in the sun can have a purplish color to it. It attracts butterflies & hummingbirds. It is deer resistant.

It can be used for borders, ground coverings & can be left in containers. It also is culinary use; it has a very strong flavor.

Try this sage in meat dishes, soups, stuffing, sausage

As I was doing the research on this particular sage, there was a lot of controversies, I almost omitted it, however, it is a sage, one of the problems I had was one site claims to be a clone plant, others had no mention of being it cloned at all. The other is whether it is an actual Common Sage & using the name Berggarten & another site says it is organic Berggarten. Please if anyone should have more information on The Berggarten, please feel free to add to the comments.

Blue Sage: Salvia clevelandii, Salvia azurea,  & Salvia  pachyphylla

According to Wikipedia there are three different types of Blue Sage

Salvia pachyphylla: Blue Sage

Is a mountain desert sage, native to Nevada, Arizona & California. It grows on dry rocky slopes, blooming from July to September. It has blue-violet flowers, growing in clusters.

In the course of a study of the chemical composition of the flora used in Latin American popular medicine, Ivan C. Guerrero and coworkers have performed phytochemical studies of extracts of the aerial parts from Salvia pachyphylla and Salvia clevelandii. S. pachyphylla is used by indigenous communities for its medicinal properties in the treatment of flu symptom. The major secondary metabolites isolated from these species and the cytotoxic effects against five human cancer cells were reported for eight of the compounds obtained: carnosol, rosmanol, 20-deoxocarnosol, carnosic acid, isorosmanol, 7-methoxyrosmanol, 5,6-didehydro-O-methylsugiol, 8β-hydroxy-9(11),13-abietadien-12-one, 11,12-dioxoabieta-8,13-diene, and 11,12-dihydroxy-20-norabieta-5(10),8,11,13-tetraen-1-one and pachyphyllone

Due to the information on this sage, I felt that it should be added just as I read it. To me, this is a step forward in the fight for Cancer.

Salvia azurea: Aka Prairie Sage

This sage is a Salvia & is part of the Lamiaceae family; it is a perennial is also native to Central & Eastern America.

Blue Sage grows wild along the roadsides, pastures & in fields.

It is thin, upright stems tall, with narrow, pointed, smooth-edged, furry to smooth green leaves, connected to their stems

The blue flowers appear in the summer to autumn. Best use is in gardens.

Salvia clevelandii

This sage is about White Sage; it is a perennial, native to California & Northern Baja California & is a coastal sage.

In 1874, Asa Gray honored a plant collector, Daniel Cleveland, by naming the sage plant after him.

The Salvia azurea Leafs are ashy green leaves & the flowers are spikes, with many upright amethyst blooms opening in June–July. It is a hardy bush, the smell of this sage is a floral scent like lavender.

Blue Sage is used for healing & cleansing &  it is a wonderful addition to your gardens. This sage is a calming, soothing & relaxing sage. It can be used in your meditation area, for that peaceful feeling of relaxation.

Lavender Sage: Salvia leucophylla &  Aka: Gray Sage, Purple Sage & Wild Lavender Sage

This grows in California on the Southern coastline; it was named for the purple flowers it produces.

The leaves of this sage are long & green, with a fuzzy touch to them, when dried the leaves turn to a dark gray color & the scent is very sweet smelling. Relaxing & calming smell & is the added touch to any room.

Lavender is used for many things, including, shampoos, body sprays, room sprays, for humidifiers, burning of incenses, smudge sticks & in healing & cleansing. Can be used in spell work for inspiring love & attraction.

Black Sage: Salvia mellifera & Artemisa, Aka: Mugwort, Magical Sage, Black Sagebrush & Dream Weed


This sage is found in the mountains on the West Coast, from California to British Columbia heading North.

The leaves on Black Sage are long, green on the top of the leaf & silver coloring on the back side of the leaf.

Black Sage is used for encouraging dreams & visions, inner healing & soul searching. It is used for astral traveling, Shamanic journeying & protection during these travels.

Burning Salvia mellifera before going to bed will help to give a restful sleep & pleasant dreams.


With this sage, there are many types of naming, I decided to do a general description of the Artemisia, they all have one thing in common, it is a compound called Thujone.

This sage grows in a shrub & bush form; the coloring is a dark green & the flowers often can be in small, crowded clumps on the stalks. After drying the coloring changes to a lighter straw-brown.

The attributes are similar to the Salvia except for a slight difference in the Artemisia; it has a small amount of thujone, which is a compound that is trance-inducing. Thujone is used in the traditional liquors, it is 68% alcohol, made with the wormwood & other herbs, the taste is like that of licorice. The alcohol percentage is less than that of mugwort(Artemisia vulgaris.)

Black Sage, when burned will not give you a trippy feeling or high feeling, not even a hallucination feeling. It can aid in enhancing your visions & dreams.

Black Sage is not intended for pregnant women.


Blessings, Light & Love



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Prevention of Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse is one that is dear to my heart, so much goes on with them, when it comes to abuse. They are afraid to speak out for themselves, it is up to us, the younger generation to help prevent this from happening. Please go check out the information on Elder Abuse here & at your local

Love From The Inside

On Tuesday August 30th I will be giving a talk on creating awareness about elder abuse, in Nanaimo at a local care facility.  Having worked with Seniors for 22 years, this September I am passionate about helping in this manner.   They are such a vulnerable population base, and most of the time are socially isolated due to many factors.

ON October 1st Canada will honour National Seniors Day.   A day to honour those who have walked before us and have brought wisdom to our lives.

I also want to let you know about a good group that is way ahead when it comes to the Prevention of Elder Abuse in Canada.   Their link is Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse if you are looking to get involved yourself or interested in obtaining more information.

Thank you for your continued support.   I am excited to…

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My Favorite Twitter Tools by Mae Clair

Here are some apps that could be time-saving & a bit easier for your lists on Twitter & will work with Google+, Facebook & Instagram & one or two for followers

The Write Stuff

Twitter LogoHi, everyone….Mae here again. I hope you don’t mind me popping in to share.

When it comes to social media, I’m a big fan of Twitter. It’s quick, allows me to connect with other Tweeps, catch up on events, follow trending topics, and experience news as it happens. All in one neat little social media platform.

As good as Twitter is, it’s even better paired with other applications. Today, I’d like to share a few I’ve found particularly helpful. I know many of these are commonly used, but hopefully, I’ll hit on something of use to someone out there🙂

One of the things I like best about Twitter is the ability to create lists. As an example, I have a Twitter list for my writer friends, one for cryptozoology  (a favorite topic of mine), another for family (not too many of them on Twitter) and another for celebrities and…

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First Friday

First Friday is a cool way for the new blogger to learn about the community of Word Press & of the Blogging University & what it has to offer.

The Daily Post

For other help:
If you’re not new and are looking for support or feedback, the Community Pool is the place for you!

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To learn more about blogging, take a Blogging U. course.

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Welcome to First Friday, a weekly open thread where any new blogger can share a link to their first post with the larger community. To share your post, copy and paste the link right into a comment here.

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Crystals & Gemstones


A new Element:  The Wind

The Wind so strong, mighty & invisible it can be!

What Powers it can display!

It can knock down the biggest obstacle without even looking back!

Wind: The flow of gasses, fundamental states of matter

Wind lives within us all, our breath, oxygen & gasses of the body, this is the wind within us. Without these, we would be but a speck of dust.

The power of this is in our thoughts of creating & effect the world of earth plane. It is the cleansing for all energies; it can clean the stagnant mind, remove the webs of negativity, bringing in the new & positive thoughts.

The Wind a useful ally in healing energies, carrying the energies across this vast planet we call home. Wind is the force of the universal mind, connecting us to our guides & spirits, allowing us to access the non-physical realms of consciousness.

The effects of wind can be a gentle breeze or as forceful as a hurricane. It can cleanse away the old debris, bringing a refreshing change in our lives. Winds energy is complimentary force to water. Water & air work together on many of the same levels, water controlling the emotional aspects & wind controlling the mental & subtle aspects of experience. With the energy of wind, it can bring immediate change with physical relief in times of stress & fatigue, what happens to us when we are full of anxiety & stress? We get health issues, for some it is breathing, for others, it can be depression, aches & pains, with our breath we can’t take in the proper flow of oxygen, it restricts us, creates a decline in energy. We then take in deep breaths, trying to calm us down. It clears out the mental stress & negative energy, by replacing it with clarity & positive energy. We then have a clearer thought process, giving us a connection to the spirit realm & open to new & enhanced awareness.

Air or Wind is a crucial importance to life, the words inspire, perspire, aspire & spirit all come from the Latin word spirare. The Greek used two words for air: Aer: lower atmosphere & Aether: upper atmosphere (above the clouds.)

History: Wind or Air

Wind or Air

A natural force & was often represented as a god or deity of the supernatural in many cultures.

Vayu: Hindu: god of wind

Greek wind gods: Boreas, Notus, Eurus & Zephyrus

Aeolus: the ruler or keeper of the four winds, he was described as the god of dusk, who was the father of the four winds as it is told in legends.

The Japanese believed that Fujin to be the wind god & the eldest of Shinto gods(Kami no Michi- a Japanese religion) it is found that he was present when the world was created, he open his bag & let out the winds to clear the earth of the mist.

Norse Mythology: Njoror- god of the winds, according to legends there are four dvargar(Norse dwarves), Norori, Suori, Austri & Vesti & possibly four stags of Yggdrasil, represented the four winds & side by side of the Greek wind gods.

Stribog is the Slavic god of winds, sky & air. It is said that he is ancestor to (Grandfather) the winds of the eight directions.

Aristotle: He was a Greek Philosopher & was a student of Plato’s at the Academy in Athens. He had many writings which includes physics, biology, zoology, metaphysics & poetry along with other writings. Aristotle went on to teach the late Great Alexander in 343 BC.

During his time at the Academy, Aristotle developed a different explanation of the elements based on pairs of qualities. The four elements were placed in circles, or concentric’s around the universe to form a geocentric cosmos that is below the moon & the four elements.

According to Aristotle, air is hot & wet & takes a place between fire & water with the elemental realm.

He proved that you could separate air from aether(upper atmosphere.) To Aristotle, the upper atmosphere was unchanging.

In the magical sense, it is the power of the mind, force of intellect, inspiration & imagination. It is dreams & wishes & ideas & knowledge. New life & new possibilities come from the air; it plays a big role in ceremonies, spells, rituals of travel.

Helps to find lost items, instructions & divination, but not in all types of divination. With visualization, which is an important part of the spiritual realm.

Air/Wind is light, an active element, air/wind is opposite of Earth. It is qualities of thinness, motion & darkness which is associated with the wind.

With wind/air, it is a masculine element; it controls the four winds. Wind gives us spirit through all things, gives life to all things, moving & filling all things.

More attributes of wind/air:

Sanskrit: Vayu- Aer: meaning god of wind

Colors: Yellow, Sky Blue & pastels

Animals: Butterflies, bats, hawks, eagles, dragonflies, hummingbirds & owls

Places: Mountaintops, cloudy skies, high towers, airports, tall buildings & open-plains

Four Winds: also known as the four sacred directions

Starting with the East: rising of the sun, a new day & spring

South Wind: High noon, summer & element: fire

West wind: Dusk, autumn & element: water

North Wind: Night, Winter & element: earth

Crystals & Gemstones: Mica & Pumice(Fluorite)

Chakras: Heart, throat & third eye

Zodiac: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius

Positive Attributes: Joyful, humorous, communication, intuition, intelligent & diligent

Negative Attributes: Boastful, gossip, untruthful, fickle, selfish, inactive, careless with money

Energy: Projective, heaving, throwing, shooting, flinging, thrusting & tossing


in the physical aspect air/wind is associated with respiratory organs, tissue, along with breathing, speech, the mind & imagination & the senses of hearing & smelling.

With the physical body, with it is associated with the arms, pelvis, calves, kidneys & circulatory system

Should air within the body be unbalanced it is said that these symptoms could take place, being boastful, absent-mindedness, excessive talking, moodiness, frivolous, the inability to focus, mental blanks, shortness of breath, bloating & gas, lack of understanding a simple suggestion.

So you see there are many ways in which the element of wind/air is in our lives. I know for me, I was surprised at how this element affects us as humans & how it works with our daily living.


Till next time, Blessings, Light & Love


The next Crystal & Gemstone is Moonstone


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The Wind


The Wind so strong, mighty & invisible

What powers you can display

The breeze from which you can feel, send shivers down me!


Hearing the calling of your whistling come by me

like a tug of war for you and me

the dance of the wild for all to see!


Winds of gusts so light you float by me

Winds of silence, winds of quiet, winds that roar like a lion,

looking for his prey!


Winds that cuts the limbs from the tree

winds that knock down the ole oak tree!


Winds so rough as the mighty sea

spraying the land with its powerful tail 

for all to see!


Winds that tickle you and me

blowing the hair, that sends 

a chill to me!


Winds so mighty you can be

Why do you destroy thee?



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Thankful Thursdays – The Golden Rule

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That explains it 

And to think I blamed it on CRS, Can’t Remember Shit! LOL!

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

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Sometimes all we need is a little prayer & guidance!!


untitled.pngA Little Prayer never hurt anyone and Lord knows we could all use it, correct my Angels!  So, repeat the above with me… Amen!

No matter what happens in life, and how hard it can be at times, I do believe that things happen for a reason.  Though they do not make sense and hurt (at times) like crazy and even bring you to your knees, for whatever reason, it all had to happen.  I believe there is a plan for us all – we all walk our own path and it is up to us to live this precious life in happiness with all the Strength, Faith, Light & Love we can get.

With this My Angels know I am Sending you ALL Light & Love!

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" Be the change … you wish the World to see!" Gandhi


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